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100 Fables | Roadside

100 Fables have returned with their new sound and new single 'Roadside' produced by Lewis Gardiner.


'Roadside' is a synth-pop sensation. It's fresh, melodic and features EDM inspired drops and a danceable, catchy tune. The track features gorgeous, pure vocals throughout with tropical vibes and a soaring chorus.

After going through upheaval both personal and personnel related, 100 Fables front woman Lyndsey Liora has brought the band back to where they started, yet ready to explore their sound. Alongside drummer Logan Whyte and guitarist Cameron Wilson, Liora has taken firm control of the reins of 100 Fables, refocusing the groups unique spin on anthemic pop music, moving away from their ‘80s-inspired sound and bringing it crashing firmly into the 21st century.

Their faces may be familiar, but this is a whole new level and brand of 100 Fables.


Listen to 'Roadside' HERE

Instagram: @100fables


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