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123 Mixtape | Feel Good

Brett Shaw of 123 Mixtape Studios has released his experimental, indie-electro

track 'Feel Good' which is part of the album 'For a Friend'.


'Feel Good' is quite literally what is says on the tin - a feel good, electro-dance track, ladened with synths and effects with a funky sound and groovy bassline. There's a sort of 90's feel to the track, yet still super fresh and unique with elements of several different genres.

Having co-produced the last two records from Foals as well as co-writing tracks on Florence & The Machine's last album, it's quite clear that Brett has the talent and experience to go far. With 1 billion Spotify plays under his belt, we can't wait to see what comes next.


Listen to 'Feel Good' HERE Instagram: @brett_shaw_123_mixtape_studios


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