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90's Kids | Freak Me Out

On the back of their 2019 release with 'Midnight Kids' and reaching Spotify New Music Friday US, Ohio's 90’s Kids return with their first single of 2020, 'Freak Me Out'.


90's Kids have carved out a unique path in the alt-pop genre, with clean vocals, intricate melodies and hard hitting chorus that feel both fresh & familiar at the same time. If ever a name suit a band more it would be these guys, their music containing a strong sense of nostalgia whilst simultaneously including the modern sounds of today.

The first release of 2020 for 90's Kid's they said:

"'Freak Me Out' is our favorite song we’ve written to date. It's actually the first song that we totally self-produced, and it showcases everything about what 90's Kids is - where we've been as a band, and where we're going in the future. It was fun to dig into the idea of a relationship where there's so many warning signs, but you've already gotten so deep that it hits you all at once and you're totally freaked out. We wrote the verses first and the chorus just came so naturally - it just felt like the "you really freak me out!" hook needed to be this big payoff to what the verses are saying, and it came out exactly as we intended it to. We are really proud of every piece of this song, and the journey it took us on as songwriters."

Diving into the red flags of a problematic relationship, the track is quite a different sound for the band and provides a refreshing twist on modern relationship drama, culminating in a gigantic, unforgettable hook.

Founded in Ohio in 2017, 90’s Kids combines elements from multiple genres across the pop landscape to create a fresh spin on modern music. The band's discography has garnered recent placements on Spotify's New Music Friday and Fresh Finds, along with multiple press appearances and have also gained over 1 million Spotify streams in just under 2 years, whilst most recently bringing their energetic live show across the US in early 2020.


Listen to 'Freak Me Out' HERE Instagram: @90skidsband

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