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Swedish DJ/producer, singer and songwriter A7S has released his new song, ‘On & On’ via Big Beat Records which features S1mba.


The track, produced by A7S, combines a club-oriented sound with a memorable, catchy hook and vocals courtesy of Zimbabwean-born British singer S1mba. The collaboration came about after the two artists began chatting on Instagram. They then met in Dubai and freestyled some ideas - which became the foundation for ‘On And On’. The track was finished off remotely via Zoom.

A7S says:

"I like that it’s not a full on club record or a full on commercial record; it’s somewhere between the two. I can’t wait to play and sing it at festivals this summer”.

S1MBA says:

“The record brings two very different worlds together, the record is cold! Literally - like the title says I could keep playing it on and on. It’s a breath of fresh air.”

A7S has been responsible for some of the biggest songs of the past few years. He featured on recent Clean Bandit single ‘Everything But You’, and his collaborations with Topic - including worldwide smash 'Breaking Me' and BRIT Award-nominated 'Your Love (9PM)' - helped push A7S’ music to over 3 billion streams to date.

His voice is one of the most recognisable in dance/pop music today, but A7S is also a formidable songwriter, producer and DJ, having made number one tracks for artists across the globe, including in Germany, China and his home country of Sweden. His humble beginnings growing up in the Swedish town of Ulricehamn saw him learn the craft of song writing on the guitar and piano, a discipline he has retained all his life - and he looks forward to performing live at shows and festivals later this year.

'On And On' is out now. Listen HERE @iama7s


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