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Aaron Smith | Your Turn Now

Following on from the rousing success of his debut EP 'Loveless' and his recent comeback single 'Brother', all together amassing more than 37 million streams online, hotly tipped Scottish singer-songwriter Aaron Smith has announces his highly-anticipated sophomore EP 'For My Father' due 31st July via Platoon, previewed with his new offering 'Your Turn Now'.


'Your Turn Now' is heartfelt and deep, the piano is gorgeous - in fact, the whole track is just stunning. The raw emotion has you hooked from the first note and the production is stripped back, but perfect. The vocal talent of Aaron Smith could easily be compared to some of the biggest artists in the game right now.

In an almost cathartic exercise, ‘Your Turn Now’ aims to confront the demons that haunted his adolescence and how, as an adult, he can reflect on those experiences and use his songwriting to truly express the impact that those times have had on him.

Speaking about the track, Aaron said,

"I always say with my music that I like anyone who’s listening to take their own meaning from the track and maybe use it to reflect on something that may have happened in their own life. For me, 'Your Turn Now' is about a bad relationship I had with a family member. It’s from a time in my life where I did not feel safe or settled at home. The story the song tells stems from facing years of emotional abuse and manipulation which in turn took away my childhood."

‘For My Father’ EP marks an intimate milestone in the artist’s career as he opens up fully about his childhood and the troubles he experienced throughout it.


Listen to 'Your Turn Now' HERE Instagram: @aaron_smithmusic

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