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Album Focus | Anabel Englund

Hot Creations mainstay Anabel Englund has unveiled her debut album 'Messing With Magic', out via MK’s label AREA10.


The ten-track LP is a stunning collection of vibrant, emotion-tinged vocal house tracks, featuring a string of collaborations with some of the most adored artists in dance music, inducing MK and Nightlapse's remix of 'So hot' - a killer club rework that has racked up over 9 million streams and counting. MK reappears later in the record with 'Underwater', and Lee Foss and Jamie Jones are also featured - with 'Warm Disco' and 'Messing With Magic' respectively.

A multi-talented singer-songwriter who has worked with some of the most respected DJs and producers in dance music, Anabel Englund garnered widespread acclaim when she linked up with Jamie Jones and Lee Foss in 2012 to form Hot Natured. More recently she released tracks with the likes of Disciples, Dirty South and Mike Mago.

A mesmerising LP, 'Messing With Magic' is Anabel Englund’s most complete body of work to date.


We had the chance to speak with Anabel on the release...

Hey Anabel! How are you doing in a year that’s been so difficult for artists and creatives?

"Hello xx I have honestly been doing pretty well. This year has had so many ups & downs but, I've had major highlights like having two US Dance Radio #1s & my first Billboard #1"

You’ve released a string of singles this year, including ‘Underwater’ with MK. Can

you tell us a little about it!

"Yess, I started writing the song with my co-workers, Paul Harris & Carl Ryden. We were vibing in a session in LA & out came 'Underwater'. I fell in love instantly with the song & I thought it would be perfect for MK to add his personal touch so we sent it over to him & he really finished it perfectly."

‘Underwater’ is accompanied by a racy music video! Was there a concept behind the visuals, and how does it connect with the track?

"There was definitely a concept, I had this vision for the video & everyone helped make it a reality. It's my breakup song to the patriarchy. Its saying you’ve had your chance to be there for me, for women. You promised you wouldn’t be like your father but here we are again & I’m done. It's racy because what better way would there be to own my sexuality & my femininity & my fantasies. To not be shameful & show that this is me, here I am, and I am not going anywhere ever again."

Have you got any behind the scenes stories to share from the video shoot?

"Nothing really other than the fact I was so sad when the day had to end."

You’ve just released your debut album ‘Messing With Magic’ on MK’s AREA10 label. Tell us a little about it! Are there any surprises, sound wise?

"The leading track of the album is called 'Burn It', it doesn’t sound like any other than the others because its just me & the piano."

What do you have in store for 2021?

"More music more music more music more music more music more music more music

more music more music more music…"

'Messing With Magic' is out now.


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