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Zion Foster | Welcome to the Lion's Den

Two years ago, the music industry gave birth to a new sub-genre referred to as ‘Bedroom Pop’. Pioneered by the likes of Rex Orange County and Beabadoobee; the genre was formed out of DIY ethics with artists’ writing, recording, and releasing music without leaving their homes. The nature of producing music such a manner, has meant that we are now hearing an emotive and contemplative style of lyricism and composition, on a level that surpasses almost anything that we have heard before.


South Londoner Zion Foster has taken this ideology and ramped it up several gears to create a unique, creative experience for himself as an artist, and a unique listening experience for his growing fan-base. 

For the most part, this artist’s music has been written and recorded live on Instagram, yes, live.

On his latest mixtape, ‘Welcome to the Lion’s Den’, this true innovator has created a sonic gem, and one of the most captivating releases of the year.

The opening title-track is a lo-fi number which gives you the feeling of being alone in your room, headphones on, and reminding yourself that you are worth everything in this life. ‘Mt. Everest’ starts off with slippery keyboards before Zion graces us with his fierce, and reflective bars, while ‘TwErKingG oN tHe CaR’ takes on more of a club vibe without losing that addictive mellow ambience.

On ‘SENORITA’, the sonics take a backseat, and Zion’s voice takes centre stage in one of his most hypnotic vocal performances on the entire record. ‘Power’ hops into a hip-moving frenzy before cooling down into more familiar, soothing territory, with the prayer read aloud by Zion at the end of the track, providing a sure-fire close to this uplifting and audacious journey. 

‘Welcome to the Lion’s Den’ does well in showcasing exactly what this artist has to offer: an incisive and razor-sharp approach to making music, which is a ton of fun to listen to.


Listen to ‘Welcome to the Lion’s Den’ HERE

Instagram: @zionfoster


Twitter: @ross_alister


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