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Alex Adair | Real for Me

British DJ & producer, Alex Adair, returns in a sensational way with the perfect antidote to these unprecedented times, the blissful deep houser, ‘Real for Me’ on b1 recordings.


'Real for Me' is a synth sensation, featuring chilled summery vibes in a soulful dance track. It has a typical tropical house sound, whilst being totally new and fresh. Rhythmic and refined, we can see this being a club classic of the future - the louder you listen, the better it is!

Alex says on the track:

“I first got the inspiration for the song when James Morrisson ‘You Make It Real’ came on the radio while I was in the car. For some weird reason I thought ‘someone could sample this and turn it into a dance track’. Next time I was in the studio I gave it a go and it just worked. I’ve always loved the original James Morrison track, so it was cool to be able to take some of the vocals and flip it into something completely different, without it sounding like just a dance cover”

Since Alex’s first release, ‘Make Me Feel Better’, which became a UK Top 20 hit, the super producer has delivered further playlist favourites such as ‘Heaven’, ‘Dominos’, ‘Casual’, & ‘Stronger’, remixed superstars Ed Sheeran & Jessie Ware, and accumulated over 190 million streams along with 1 million Shazams.

Playing every major continent in the World, including notable clubs and festivals, Alex's production skills have often compared him to the likes of Kygo and Caribou. He honed these skills while living deep in the West Sussex countryside, holed up in a production den, creating music and experimenting with sound design.This reclusive setting, and a classically trained background, brings a beguiling musicality to Adair’s productions.

Though his music has found a home in the clubs, he doesn’t write records for them, which has clearly shone through with his wider appeal beyond the dancefloor.


Listen to 'Real for Me' HERE Instagram: @alexadairmusic


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