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Alex Aiono ft. Jake Miller | Played Out

Fast rising, multi-talented artist, 25 year old Alex Aiono has began to share his most honest project to date, starting with the release of striking track 'Played Out' ft. Jake Miller.


Showing a side which he has never shared before when it comes to his music, it's a full reflection of himself today. The dynamic and poignant, pop-led release is both packed with emotion filled lyricism and pleasing electro-pop infused production. An anthemic sound greets you from the offset and catches your attention from the first beat, both Alex and Jake's glassy vocal tones immersed in energy and vibrance. 'Played Out' invites listeners in with an intimate and beautiful delivery and a well crafted soundscape of layered textures, intricate melodies and a mesmerising vocal performance.

"I think at our core as humans we consistently lose the forest for the trees when we are in the thicker situations of life. It's not until you’re out of the woods or have overcome what it was you were going through that you get to see it all for what it truly is. Whether it’s love (as I refer to in the song), a career, a long term goal, or any budding and flourishing situation, sometimes you have to stop and appreciate how everything 'played out.'"

He shares on the new project,

"This new era of music for me is special because I’m on an endeavor to continually reach deeper. With every release, I see more of me in my music. This next era truly will be the deepest I’ve gone yet, and as I live more life and dive further into who I am, I plan to share it with the world."

As a Pacific Islander, music was an integral part of his upbringing and the singer-songwriter first got his start when he picked up the ukulele, drums, and piano when he was seven years old. Constantly striving to learn more, Alex started producing his own innovative covers of hit songs and what started as a fun hobby has since blossomed into nearly a Billion views on YouTube, 500 million streams, 6 Million followers across socials, Top 10 hits of his very own, sold out tours around the world, and starring movie roles.

Alex has seen a whirlwind of success for the past few years. Having released his unpredictable hybrid album The Gospel at 23 in 2020, which saw him deep in the mix of gospel truth-telling, stark hip-hop swagger, alternative ambition and pop bliss. The album garnered praise from the masses and has since racked up millions of streadms. Early this year, he starred in the Ian Bryce produced and Jude Weng directed film 'Finding Ohana', which marked the start of another burgeoning venture. The uniquely talented Alex has proven himself as a jack of all trades. From writing and producing his own music, to his collaborations with artists like John Legend to Jon Bellion, to securing starring roles on major networks, we see Alex continue a soaring career that's bound to position the star as a household name for years to come.

'Played Out' is out now. Listen HERE @alexaiono


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