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Alex O'aiza | Hazy

Hot on the heels of his super-catchy single 'Out Of My Mind', and fresh from radio airplay with over 75 stations and 100,000 streams in just two months, fast-rising indie rocker Alex O’aiza is back with another buzzy alt-pop single. 

The beachy and melancholy 'Hazy' blends R&B beats and slick pop-rock riffs with a radio-ready chorus hook and is the third release in a run of 2020 singles on Saint In The City Records from the young Mexican-American singer-songwriter.


Hailing from Dallas, Texas, Alex O'aiza's songs are led by poetic lyrics exploring the Gen Z experience, socio-political issues and complex relationships in a fast changing world.

“Hazy is about my reoccurring inability to keep a healthy romantic relationship going on in my life,” explains O’aiza. “Whether because of personal differences, bad timing, or just being overwhelmed with life, it seems to me like my relationships are simply destined to fall apart.  Hazy is a compilation of little snapshots from several moments (& different people) in my life, where things just end up going south, and I end up asking myself "how can I turn this around? How can I make this all ok?".

His previous single 'Out Of My Mind' arrived in April with a kaleidoscopic lockdown video created using a wild array of Instagram filters and was soon playlisted on KXT Texas, Idobi Radio, Alt 103.7 FM and XS Manchester Radio.


Listen to the track HERE

Instagram: @alex_oaiza


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