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Alex O'aiza | Runnin' 2 Death

Fast-rising singer / songwriter Alex O'aiza has returned with his punchy new rock single 'Running' 2 Death'.


'Runnin' 2 Death' is an in your face and intense stadium sized anthem which is driven by slick drum beats, adrenaline-heavy guitar riffs and a thrilling rhythm. The funk-powered instrumentation features a forceful bass-led groove, pushing elements of both pop and R&B into the realm of alternative rock.

Well crafted with confident delivery, Alex's strikingly fierce, full throttle vocal is high energy and exhilarating as he continues to pushes boundaries both lyrically and musically, branching out into a harder rock sound - his clear desire to deliver bold and socially charged music at the forefront.

“This song was inspired by the disgust I have towards our current social economic climate here in the USA. Our current system uses and abuses the vast majority of Americans, as well as non-Americans. Companies and big business exploit people's labour every single day, and continue to leech off of their time, dreams and aspirations. My parents have lived and raised me off of slave wages ever since I can remember. They’re fifty and in my eyes, they never got to live their lives. They never had an opportunity to invest into their dreams and aspirations. They never had time for self and world exploration. All they cared about for decades was "how are we going to keep our family fed?" I feel like their lives have been stolen from them. These types of stories plague the United States today in 2021. People are being worked to the bone with no compensation - profit rules over people's lives.”

Alex O'aiza's debut EP 'Out Of My Mind' has now surpassed 3 million Spotify streams as well as received widespread press and radio acclaim. He is building a growing fanbase and now is returning with a new bath of material, with more new singles dropping later in the summer.

'Runnin' 2 Death' is out now.


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