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Alex Opal | Telling You Lies

Newcastle funk & soul producer Alex Opal features on renowned DJ Craig Charles compilation album, out today.


The 2020 single 'Telling You Lies' has been included on the BBC radio host, actor and DJ's 'Trunk of Funk' album which is a compilation of the best funk & soul releases over the past 2 years.

The album was released today and includes classics from the likes of P.P Arnold alongside tracks from contemporary artists such as Monophonics. Opal didn’t know what to expect when he self-released his first two singles earlier this year, but after releasing Telling You Lies to the world, Craig Charles “connected with it straight away”.

He says,

It’s a massive honour to have my single, Telling You Lies on Craig’s new compilation. There are so many amazing musicians from the North East playing on the record; it’s a real showcase of musical talent in the region. It has been a tough time for people over the last year. Unemployment rates are at an all-time high and many of my mates have lost their jobs or have been affected financially. Soul obsessives like Craig and myself are drawn to soul music because a song which may be heart breaking lyrically, can still inspire you to get up and dance. I think this is what makes my music relevant today, especially in these difficult times.”

Craig Charles, who is known for playing lead roles in Coronation Street and Red Dwarf has extensively played the track across his BBC Radio 2 show and his Funk & Soul show on BBC 6 Music. Since featuring Opal’s music, Charles and the North East musician have sparked an unexpected friendship.

Craig Charles says,

“This man has really caught my interest this past year and his latest single is one perfectly formed slice of 60s inspired soul; double groovy. I hung out with this cat in Newcastle before my show. He had a tailored suit, a fedora hat and a waxed moustache. He looked so cool; he really is Tyneside’s top man.”

Opal adds,

“We have hung out together a few times now. Backstage at his last show at Virgin Money Unity Arena he was playing the grand piano magnificently. He has a real love for my music and he’s actually become a good mate now, which is pretty mad to think about! He does so much to promote the genre and it’s so refreshing to meet a major radio DJ still taking a personal interest in the development of artists.”

The 'Trunk of Funk' compilation album is out now internationally via Soul Bank Records and is available on all streaming services as well as physical formats.


Available HERE Instagram: @alex_opal

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Mila Browning
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