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Alexia | Lemonade

Alexia has released her quirky new dance number ‘Lemonade’.


The single is a call to action for all of us to embrace these weird times and figure out what truly makes us happy. Set to the tone of bouncy electronica with fluffy pop vocals ‘Lemonade’ is the type of track that will spur you on to do all those things that make you happy. Alexia said of the new track:

“‘Lemonade’ is a song that everyone can dance to – even if it’s no longer at bars, but in your own bedroom. It has lightness but also really focuses on the time we have gone through this summer, finding ourselves and not focusing on the external world to define us.” The artist has confirmed that she plans on releasing another new song titled ‘Grow Up’ in the coming months.


Listen to 'Lemonade' HERE Instagram: @itsalexiamusic


Twitter: @ross_alister


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