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Phoenix-based rock two piece Anarbor have brought adventure in their latest single 'Honeymoon in Tokyo'.


The electric track follows a couple’s secret getaway to Japan, and those feelings of inhibition left an ocean away. Accompanied by a dreamy music video shot on location in the heart of Tokyo by director Ryo Takeuchi, this upbeat release urges you to run away with the one you love. Filled with juicy guitar riffs and a chorus sure to be stuck in your head, 'Honeymoon in Tokyo'' is the newest installment ahead of Anarbor’s fourth studio album 'Love & Drugs' - which is set to be released on September 2, 2022 via ONErpm.

Danny Stravers, guitarist of Anarbor, says,

“'Honeymoon in Tokyo' is the relationship goals song about a confident, badass couple that runs off to Tokyo for their secret, passionate honeymoon. They don’t need to share everything they do with the world constantly because they’re completely satisfied in the real world with one another. Their security in their relationship makes them all the more interesting, and since they keep it to themselves, everybody wants to know what they do when they’re alone.”

Anarbor was formed in 2003 while the members were still in junior high school. After signing with Hopeless Records in 2008, Anarbor found mainstream success and relentlessly toured in the United States, as well as appeared in Japan, United Kingdom, Canada and Australia. While partnering with Hopeless Records, Anarbor released two EPs and two full-length studio albums.

More recently, Anarbor independently released their eponymous third studio album titled 'Anarbor' in June of 2016 and an EP. in 2018 titled 'The EP'. Both pieces of work were self-funded and produced by long-time collaborator Matt Keller. Anarbor signed to ONErpm in 2020 and released the Tangerine EP. Currently, the members are gearing up to release their fourth full-length studio album.

'Honeymoon in Tokyo' is out now. Listen HERE @anarbor


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