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Andreas Vey | River

'River' is the second single of the up and coming Berlin based artist Andreas Vey


Andreas haunting vocal makes 'River' a very special track - it keeps you hooked from the first moment, with his range as well as distinctive and euphonious tone. 'River' is laid-back and poetic, a lyrically impressive, compelling song that is melodic and soft, and builds throughout. The arrangement is just stunning and you feel a rush whilst listening.

The folk-influences song is an energetic ode to life and its mysteries. The sophomore single reveals Andreas own battles with anxiety and depression and how his curiosity and lust for life helped him to slowly overcome his demons. 

He says:

“I wanted to write a song that starts off hesitantly and then steadily keeps building into a big crescendo of energy and joy. The two protagonists of the song are facing all their demons and anxieties and the more they overcome their inner boundaries and give in to the uncertainties of life the more vibrant they become. It’s a song about opening your heart and the domino effect that it can have.”

'River' was produced by Richard Wilkinson and Serge Krebs in an old vintage studio in Basel, Switzerland. Every instrument and every sound was organically recorded and played by Wilkinson, Krebs and Vey themselves and together they created an elaborate arrangement with layers of different sounds and textures to mirror the complexity and mystery of life and the feeling of overcoming your fears. Basel-based singer Annie Goodchild joined the trio to sing myriads of background vocals together with Andreas to create a big choir for the end section of the song. 

“It was the most joyful studio experience I ever had. There was a moment in the process of creating the song where it just clicked and from there on it was like a rush of joy and creativity. There was such a high level of intensity and energy and I think you can really feel that when you listen to the song.”

Two more singles are set to be released this year, followed by an EP early next year. We can see big things coming for Andreas Vey.


Listen to 'River' HERE Instagram: @andreasvey


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