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Andrew Fair | Outlines

Italian singer, songwriter and producer Andrew Fair has released his new single 'Outlines'.


'Outlines' features a quirky and slightly more chilled dance beat which is electro and synth based, and fits really well with Andrew's unique vocals. The dark vibes blend with an exciting atmosphere of blinding lights and movement, and the song goes in different directions throughout but just works, and works very well (and the chorus is banging!!)

Andrew says:

"Outlines talks about a real life event that I’ve experienced in first person. This song reflects the mixed feelings of euphoria and disappointment caused by a sudden letdown that happened in a pleasing situation between two lovers. It turned out that the feelings I thought we shared were different, because she used me to fulfill her pleasure." The dark vibes blends with an exciting atmosphere of blinding lights and movement.

The overflowing energy of Andrew Fair is the result of constant research for a new conception of noun that successfully blends his unique vocal timbre with an Electronic/Pop production, mixed with R&B and Hip Hop flavors. Raised in a family of Dancers and Choreographers, his music embodies that sense of movement that drives the listener into a new exciting experience. With his carefree but lucid attitude, passionate and cheerful nature, he can reach people and make connections with ease.

In his songs he talks about his own life, introducing it to the world as it actually is:

A bizarre adventure.


Listen to 'Outlines' HERE Instagram: @andrewfair__


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