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Anna Straker Feat. Gabrielle Aplin | Good Days, Bad Days

Anna Straker and Gabrielle Aplin’s track, ‘Good Days, Bad Days’, shares a meaningful message through an addictive tune.


‘Good Days, Bad Days’ begins with a dreamy echo that builds up into a fast-paced, finger-snapping melody. Anna and Gabrielle's sweet and smooth vocals make the song easy to listen to. The lyrics reveal both artist’s insecurities with their personal and professional lives. Their honesty is refreshing, and undoubtedly relatable. 

Anna says: 

"I wrote Good Days Bad Days during the recovery from my sexual assault. It is a kind of positive affirmation to help centre and ground yourself on days when your mental health gets the better of you. I want to remind people of their best moments to help them through their worst ones.”

The music video for the track consists of a montage of Anna and Gabrielle’s personal moments. In one clip, Anna parties with friends and in the next, Gabrielle wipes tears from her face. Watching raw footage of their “good and bad days” makes the song feel more heartfelt and sincere.

Gabrielle says: 

 “I’ve always admired Anna as both a producer and writer as well as an artist and I’m really happy to be featuring on GDBD. I loved the song as soon as I heard it!”

‘Good Days, Bad Days’ proves how versatile of an artist Anna is. The single is more light-hearted than her previous one, ‘London Knows’, with its upbeat tempo and catchy drum beat.

‘Good Days Bad Days’ along with ‘London Knows’ are featured on Anna’s new EP ‘Growing Pains’.  The EP will be released this November under Never Fade Records. Her 2016 debut EP  ‘Serious’ earned Anna sets at music festivals like Glastonbury and The Great Escape.  


Listen to 'Good Days, Bad Days' HERE Instagram: @strak3rgram | @gabrielleaplin



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