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Apricot Ink | Lucky Rainbow

Apricot Ink give us the first lick of alt-pop greatness to come with their debut 'Lucky Rainbow'.


Dreamy beats and delightful vocals are exactly what Apricot Ink are going to be known for. Their vocals work together perfectly, the harmonies and incredible, and production sublime. A mesmerising, mellow track with a rhythmic and fresh sound - something unique that we didn't know we needed until now.

Recorded and produced in their bedroom studios in Canberra, the band says: 

"We wrote this one together on a morning after a night out. 'Lucky Rainbow' started from a story of getting lost and then finding one another. It began as a literal thing (i.e. getting lost from your friends on a night out/at a festival), then it turned into a metaphor for serendipity and growth. Finding luck at the end of the rainbow, whether that’s finding the best version of yourself, or meeting the people that will help you get there."

Apricot Ink is a new project hailing from Canberra and made up of 4 musicians and producers, Gus, Sara, Willo and Jake. They take influence from a wide spectrum of genres, including Dub, Hip Hop and Pop, moving in the alt-pop realm, whilst sprinkling danceable grooves and skank beats. Swinging 808 drums and warm toned guitars in the mix. They take production influence from The XX and Mac Miller, as well as drawing from BENEE for a pop balance. 

The band are currently working on more tracks to be expected in the next few months.


Listen to 'Lucky Rainbow' HERE Instagram: @apricot_ink


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