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Argonaut & Wasp | Dog Days

Argonaut & Wasp have released their nostalgic music video for 'Dog Days', alongside their debut album 'STARLIGHT 99', arriving just in time for the summer heat we all are so desperately craving.


Focus track, 'Dog Days' is indie electro-pop at its finest and sounds straight out of a coming of age film. With a soft and dreamy soundscape of infectious pop hooks and grooves, euphoric and nostalgic flavours and anthemic, feel-good vocals, the track is a genre-binding masterpiece which refuses to play by the usual rules. Argonaut & Wasp are proving to be carving their own unique path of bright and vibrant energy which soaks up the sounds of house, 90's pop and 70's rock, with a hint of 80's thrown in for good measure, whilst simultaneously delivering the commercial and modern sound of the future.

Led by Trey Schibli and Theo Klein with Alec Donkin and Chris Corsico, the four piece band describes the album below:

"We formed Argonaut & Wasp over a love for house/dance music while living in Burlington, VT. We were part of a thriving jam scene, but we never really fit in. When we moved to Brooklyn in 2015, we found inspiration from the city itself and the different vibrant scenes within it. Our sound has developed into something that combines the rhythm and energy from house music, takes cues from the jam/funk scene, and incorporates our love for the 'leave everything on the table' attitude of NYC.

This album was written (for the most part) during lockdown which allowed us some time to reflect and take a break from the grind of shows & touring. We named it 'STARLIGHT 99' since the album is about looking up and seeing beyond your world; to not only see the bigger picture but to become a part of it. As we go through paradigm shifts in our culture and environment - we hope this album can offer a liberating perspective to guide our listeners into our collective new & unprecedented future. We wrote 99 songs, these are the 15 that made it.

Drawing on musical inspiration across decades - 70s rock n roll, 80s synths, 90s-2000's house - we picked out our favorite parts & added some Brooklyn, NYC flair to create our first truly cohesive body of work and debut album. This album is Argonaut & Wasp."

'STARLIGHT 99' was written during lockdown and features clear influences from an array of genres, breathing new life into NYC as reopening begins. With over 22 million streams under their belts to date, as well as two completed North American tours in 2019 and 2020, the Brooklyn-based band have been quickly building momentum and 'STARLIGHT 99' boasts their upward trajectory.

'STARLIGHT 99' is out now.

Listen HERE


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