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Armaan Malik | next 2 me

Indian singer-songwriter Armaan Malik releases a new track 'next 2 me' via Arista Records.

The single follows the release of Armaan’s first English-language track, 'Control' earlier this year.  Armaan collaborated with industry vet, Wayne Wilkins on the bouncy pop track which has now had over 35 million streams across all digital platforms and almost 27 million times on YouTube since its' release.


Of the new single, Armaan explains:

“The global lockdown has been tough on all of us, especially for those who are quarantined away from their loved ones. I wanted to capture that feeling of missing someone and wishing that they were next to you. We may have all the devices in the world to keep us connected but having that person next to you is a different feeling altogether, something that no digital connection can ever compare to.”

Armaan is one of the youngest and most successful artists in the Indian music industry, having garnered north of a billion streams, performed 200+ shows worldwide and sang more than 150 songs in almost a dozen different languages, all by the age of just 24. With millions of followers across socials and Fondly referred to as the 'Prince of Music', his YouTube boasts of more than 1.5 million subscribers and over 25 million monthly listeners across all music streaming platforms.

It has been a lifelong dream for Armaan to sing and write English music as well as be the first Indian artist to break into the global pop market. 

“This music is inside of me, it’s my DNA. This has always been my trajectory.”

With over a billion global streams and a musical resume a mile long, the 24-year-old has cemented his position in the South Asian music industry and now, Armaan sets out to be the first Indian artist to break into the global pop market.


Listen to 'next 2 me' HERE

Instagram: @armaanmalik


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