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Artem Xio | Can't Stop Now EP

Prominent member of the local underground scene, Artem Xio has released his long sought after EP 'Can't Stop Now' via Moscow-based record shop turned label, Wax Ninja.


'Cant Stop Now' is a perfect fusion of deep house and old school with funky beats, groovy production and all round danceability factor. It's textured and visionary and is sure to be filling the floors of clubs around the world. With a polished release like this, Artem Xio is surely set to become a household name.

The title track was originally written ten years back, only to be revived to become a house anthem driven by emotionally charged vocals and a banging beat whereas another track 'True School' was born our of an unreleased remix from a local rap group.

It's an EP for any DJ, perfect for a record bag in which music of all genres has its place. Each side reflects Xio's stages of formation, not only as a collector, DJ and artist, but primarily as a an educated listener with a sensitive ear.

Wax Ninja is a record label from Moscow, as well as a community of like-minded vinyl enthusiasts. There are three wax ninjas; the zealots of dance music with soul and history - Artem Xio, Nastya Foxxylove and Andrei MB4. They have dedicated their lives to carefully selecting the best records from all over the world for the record store they run.


Listen to 'Can't Stop Now' HERE Instagram: @xioartem


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