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AYA MAI | Monday

Danish-bron artist AYA MAI has released her debut single and accompanying music video to introduce her musical vision to the world.


Presenting her own Scandinavian interpretation of soundscape inspired by American pop culture, 'Monday' is lyrically based on a girls fear of losing her deepest relationship to triviality, repetition and indifference. The uptempo beat and AYA MAI's dreamy vocals are contrasted against melancholic and self reflective lyrics as the track features light, drum & bass inspired electronic beats flavoured with stripped back acoustics to create a luscious pop sound with an almost euphoric arrangement which is totally captivating and an instant ear worm to all who listen.

AYA MAI has been around music her whole life. Professionally trained form age 8, her vocal craft is groomed and developed in a mix of natural ability and formal coaching. Whilst the pandemic has been a challenge for lifting new music into the world, it has provided an ideal laboratory for AYA to craft the material, creative direction, content and live show she needed for the next step. Signed to GL publishing, she’s been in writing rooms, physical and digital, for the last 14 months, meticulously organizing the pieces of the puzzle. Alongside writing/performance partners Kris Mai and Jona Mai, she is ready to climb the mountain and sing from the top for all to hear.

'Monday' is out now. Listen HERE @ayamaimusic


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