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B.K.W.H feat. M.C. Brains | You're That Kind of Girl

B.K.W.H has teamed up with M.C. Brains for R&B anthem 'You're That Kind of Girl'.


Debuting at No. 3 on the iTunes R&B chart, 'You're That Kind of Girl' is a funky, multi-layered and soulful track. The track is hard to fit into a category - with a fusion of genres thrown together to make a sound which every good chart song needs. The verses are soulful and chilled, and we are also treat to a rap section. A really great, fresh sound that is polished and makes you want to dance.

Having had airplay on BBC Radio 1 as well as BBC xtra, this track is sure to be one that is going to go down a treat in the clubs and more.


Listen to 'You're That Kind of Girl' HERE


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