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Bad Love | Cashmere Tears

Manchester's favourite sadboy pop band have returned with their 4th single, 'Cashmere Tears', via AWAL.


'Cashmere Tears' firmly positions Bad Love as one of the next big things in alt-pop. The cinematic single is ladened with 90's vibes and a bright synth pop sound to die for, whereas emotional and raw lyricism is disguised as a feel-good, catchy and indulgent track sang by a stand out vocal.

A tale of star-crossed lovers, the track tells the story of watching someone who used to dream big, convicted to the repetition of ‘sad-suburbia’ by a toxic relationship that somehow always pulls her back in. Creature comforts become safety blankets and slowly, their creativity is suffocated and they stagnate. You watch them lose the spark of who they used to be whilst they nostalgically daydream of a better life.

Cashmere Tears turns an eye to the flaws in society; at the antiquated idea that women are homemakers and peacekeepers for A-typical masculinity; sticking around to mother men who ‘need them’.

The track was written, self-produced and mixed during lockdown and is the bands first release through internationally acclaimed label AWAL; home to the likes of Lauv, Girl in Red and Gus Dapperton.

'Cashmere Tears' is out now.


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