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Barrett Crake | Flying

Following his 1,200,000 stream success with his most recent collaboration with Mauve on 'Tell the Truth', Barrett Crake is truly ‘Flying’ in his new single. 


LA artist Barrett Crake admits:

“Stay grounded or find your wings?  I was desperate to overcome my fear of making mistakes. Music helped me shed this weight... ignore negative thoughts & fly!” 

Barrett, Tom Pino & Grayson wrote his “Power Anthem” to be a reminder to leave insecurities on the runway.  Nick Ribbens of Abbey Road produced the track.

Electronic pop artist, Barrett Crake, is a testament to what the modern artist can accomplish if they are willing to put the work in. By making use of the internet and remote studios, he’s developed a network of collaborators all over the world without the help of a label or manager.

Through digital means, Crake has developed meaningful creative partnerships - such as those with producers Nick Ribbens in Amsterdam and Mauve, who currently works out of Berlin. One of Crake’s biggest opportunities to date, the 2017 remix of the classic Corona hit 'Rhythm of the Night' also came to fruition through relationships with like-minded creatives he met digitally. The vibrant reimagination of the seminal dance floor anthem ended up featuring Crake, Deep Divas and Sexycools and being produced by the original producer’s son. To date, it has amassed over 1.5 million streams and reached number two on Germany’s dance charts. 

Through his intimate approach to songwriting, Barrett has attracted an enthusiastic fanbase that finds his music both relatable and a source of inspiration. He seeks catharsis through self-reflection in his art and each song is designed to convey that sense of healing to his fans. In order to convey the complete story behind each track, Crake leans on his background in film to create beautiful videos, often using just an iPhone to transform each song into an expansive, multimedia art project.

As he continues to release new music, the global community of hope-seekers and partygoers drawn to his music will undoubtedly grow exponentially with each new song.


Listen to 'Flying' HERE Instagram: @barrettcrake


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