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Bastien | Greater Things

Bastien has shared his catchy, genre binding track 'Greater Things'.


'Greater Things' comes in with a dreamy, chilled start with a lush soundscape throughout. It's textured with clever production which surprises the listeners with the unexpected working incredibly well. The overall sound is hard to describe, it's a catchy fusion of indie and R&B with an electronic influence.

Bastiens' smooth and rich vocals add a fragile and intimate element to the track, whilst the production adds a raw energy into the chorus.

Bastien is a 22 year old artist from Romania and anything but a typical pop star. He brings together pop, neo-soul, R&B, future bass and electronica to create a superb blend of danceable, modern tracks.

"When you're very young, you want to be like everyone else but when I entered college, I began to wonder what I really wanted - and I decided to fight for what I believed in. As a child I used to give 'concerts' every time someone would come to our house.It didn't matter whether if they were relatives or even the postman. I asked them inside, pressed play on the tape recorder and started singing." 

Bastiens' debut single 'Stay With Me' gained praise from influential tastemakers as well as the video reaching over 1.3 million views on YouTube.


Listen to 'Greater Things' HERE Instagram:


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