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Beachfriends | Psycho

Indie-pop trio Beachfriends have released their new single 'Psycho', following dreamy single 'Slide' released back at the start of 2021.


Merging a tropical pop sound with a true indie pop vibe, 'Psycho' is a heavenly, chilled and melodic track that fuses electro-pop sounds with organic instrumentation to create a lush soundscape that is truly the bands' own. Bright and playful vocals are slick and captivating, with energetic guitar riffs and a sing along beat. Beachfriends are certain to be the soundtrack for all of your summer roadtrips.


Former profession soccer player from Seattle, Brady Ballew, met Oklahoma brothers Will and Charlie Spears when soccer took him to the southern plains. Beachfriends was the result. They formed in 2018 and began putting out their warm pop sound to the world earlier last year.

'Psycho' is out now.

Listen HERE @beachfriendsband


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