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Beau Diako | Animal

British producer, songwriter, and guitarist Beau Diako has followed his 2019 debut EP with first offering of 2020 entitled 'Animal'.


'Animal' is a layered and melodic track, that seems to take influences from many different styles, including both jazz and indie, with cool percussions pulling it together.

Stemming from a jam session in LA, 'Animal' features the R&B vocal stylings of Coco, following in the spirit of collaboration that his 'Flutter' EP introduced. It's smooth, skilled and lyrically impressive with an irresistible and creative tune running throughout.

Speaking about the track, Beau elaborates:

'Animal' was made earlier this year with some friends in LA and a new love for the nylon string guitar. The structure was mostly finished in one day and Coco later arrived to start adding some beautiful melodies on top, all within minutes of meeting him. I took it back to England to finish and now it’s probably the first song I’ve released within only a few months of its creation"

The self-taught musician takes influences from a diverse range of artists such as Radiohead, Sufjan Stevens, James Blake, Joanna Newsom, which is evident in his genre-defying sound.


Listen to 'Animal' HERE Instagram: @beaudiakowicz


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