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Becoming Young | Cherry Twist

Brandon Calano, aka Becoming Young has released his latest infectious single, 'Cherry Twist'.


'Cherry Twist' tastes like summertime and sin, featuring rubbery baselines and sonorous vocals - and what a vocal it is. The track is slightly different to Becoming Young's previous more upbeat releases, but it's truly flirty and just has that sexy summer vibe. The guitar works so well too.

'Cherry Twist' is just straight-up hot.

When asked where the title "Cherry Twist" came from he says:

“It was a flirtatious song that I wrote for a girl I was into. As I was finishing the bridge, I needed to rhyme the word dangerous:

I like your hands on my hips / I'm intoxicated by your lips / Skin so smooth it's dangerous…

When I was in the vocal booth with my producer, Austin Shawn, I jokingly sang:

"Damn, you taste like a cherry twist" Austin burst out laughing—we were both like, what is a cherry twist? I named the song after that moment. For a sexy track like this, 'Cherry Twist' was the perfect title.”

For those not familiar with Brandon Calano, he writes and records under the pseudonym, Becoming Young. It's a name he says embodies his journey to escape the insecurities and fears that once kept him from fully living.

Becoming Young has earned a loyal following, playing sold-out shows from Atlanta to Portland, and describes his evolving sound as Glass Animals meets Lauv. Yet others have likened him to Ed Sheeran and Jeremy Zucker. Though all of those descriptors have a ring of truth, the Nashville via Boulder singer/songwriter is a talent in his own right.

Becoming Young’s forthcoming album, 'Feeling Single', explores the modern dating landscape as told by an emotionally-reckless millennial and 'Cherry Twist' is his third release of 2020, following the trap-pop banger, 'High' and bouncy summer bop, 'The Night I Met You.'


Listen to 'Cherry Twist' HERE Instagram: @becomingyoung

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