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'Awkward pop' pioneer Belot has announced her new EP 'Harmless Fun', due for release on June 10th alongside the energetic new single 'Fake Phone Calls'.


The track follows on from a killer run of vibrant singles in 2021, inclduing 'Bed', 'Kiss You' and 'Harmless Fun', which found support from the likes of BBC Radio 1 and Introducing, Spotify and online tastemakers as well as her recent comeback offering 'Math'.

Bringing back more of that bright and energetic texture she just loves to explore, ‘Fake Phone Calls’ makes for the perfect accompaniment to highlight her upcoming EP. Filled with rich and flamboyant textures, and shimmering with her own insatiable persona, she is looking to break through with a fresh and unmistakable sound.

Speaking about the new track, she says,

"‘Fake phone calls’ is an unfortunately true tale about when I almost physically ran into my ex whilst walking with my new partner. In order to do anything and everything to avoid the hellish interaction, I fumbled and pretended to be on the phone and of course my phone decided to ring at that very moment, so I panicked and crossed the road… She pretended she didn’t see me and the whole thing was the stuff of nightmares.”

While adding about the EP,

"The 'Harmless Fun EP' is essentially a diary of my early 20’s. Falling out of love, breaking up, navigating single life and falling in love once more. Over the last year or so I’ve definitely been learning a lot about adulthood, friendships and relationships. It sounds rather bizarre but the pandemic, albeit horrific in many many ways, brought me closer to the people in my life. My best friend and I spent a lot of time living together in lockdown and creating in our little attic room in East London. It gave us both a huge buzz and we realised that in a time where everyone felt so powerless all we could do to contribute to the world was make our music. As soon as life started again my fire to get into sessions and the studio was at an all time high. Everyone I worked with had exactly the same sort of realisation that we are sooo beyond privileged to be working in a job that essentially lets us play with digital lego and see what happens. So I suppose this EP is a little insight into my life, mistakes I’ve made, tequila I’ve overindulged in, ups, downs, left, rights, late nights, McDonalds bites. (Profound I know) Even in the hellish storm of the pandemic and the biggest break up of my life to date, silliness and laughter were constant in my life. The reminder of how delicate we all are, made it even more apparent that we can’t take life for granted. At the end of the day a bit of ‘Harmless Fun’ never hurt anyone."

Belot is a pop fanatic. She adores pop - she lives it, breathes it, and devours it whole. Well, she’d have to. Her own song writing – deliciously infectious, hilariously engaging – is pop in its purest, most ruthlessly enjoyable sense. It’s crafted by a student of the genre, someone who wakes up in the morning with a song in her head, and won’t rest until it’s down on tape before breakfast. It’s what allowed her debut EP to become such a surprise success – and it’s what is driving her to undreamt of heights.

Belot released her debut EP, ‘Electric Blue’ in the first half of 2020 just as the pandemic was beginning. Millions of streams across multiple platforms followed, while Radio 1’s Jack Saunders was a fan. From here on in, at the quietest moments of the day and night, Belot is set to be your companion, shaking up your life and providing something unique, and truly addictive. Her upcoming EP is set to be a special moment.

'Fake Phone Calls' is out now. Listen HERE @belot_music


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