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Having already delighted us with her recently delivered singles 'Get This', 'V.I.P', and 'Cool Whip' earlier this year, 'awkward pop' pioneer Belot has now returned once again to announce the details behind her latest EP ‘The Good Life’, featuring the newly unveiled title-track.


Much like the progressive pop nature she has adopted since her 2023 return, the new single ‘The Good Life’ is another heady dose of glossy textures and killer hooks, cementing this new and exciting phase in Belot’s ever-evolving sound. As one of the more mainstream-focused additions in her upcoming collection, she is bringing something fresh and fascinating to her catalogue, broadening her inventive prowess once again. The song premiered last night on BBC Radio 1’s Future Sounds.

Adding about the new offering, she says,

"The good life was written in the middle of the summer of 2022. At the time I was about to release my previous EP Harmless Fun and I was struggling with letting go, all whilst being fully aware that my part was done, and I had to let the music go do its thing. I’d realised that everything I wanted to be doing, I actually was; and I needed to start enjoying it. ALL OF IT! The song is about going to things, not overthinking, knowing that doing what feels right is usually the right thing. It was sort of a note to myself. You can have fun! Enjoy the ride!"

As well as releasing her highly-acclaimed EP ‘Harmless Fun’ in 2022, she also saw out last year with a flurry of live performances, including a sold out headline show at London’s Paper Dress Vintage, support slots with Michael Aldag, Caity Baser, Dora Jar, Cate Canning, Ellie Dixon and Pip Millett, as well as festival highlight at Latitude. Belot also recently took to the stage as the official support act for The Aces on their upcoming UK and European tour including dates in London, Dublin, Manchester and Paris.

Belot is a pop fanatic. She adores pop – she lives it, breathes it, and devours it whole. Well, she’d have to. Her own song writing is deliciously infectious, hilariously engaging and is pop in its purest, most ruthlessly enjoyable sense. It’s crafted by a student of the genre, someone who wakes up in the morning with a song in her head, and won’t rest until it’s down on tape before breakfast. It’s what allowed her debut EP to become such a surprise success – and it’s what is driving her to undreamt of heights.

From hereon in, at the quietest moments of the day and night, Belot is set to be your companion, shaking up your life and providing something unique, and truly addictive.

'The Good Life' is out now. Listen HERE @its_belot


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