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After turning out a wave of highly-praised singles throughout this year, which have since found radio support from BBC Radio 1's Clara Amfo and Jack Saunders, and received DSP support from the likes of Spotify NMF UK & Fresh Finds “awkward pop” pioneer Belot has now released her eagerly-awaited new EP ‘The Good Life’, alongside new single 'Ain’t It A Shame'.


As one of the more progressive pop innovators on the scene, Belot’s newest EP ‘The Good Life’ looks to add yet another vibrant quiver to her already impressive musical bow. Led by the new outing 'Ain’t It A Shame', the collection’s final cut stands as a bright and glossy bop, brimming with all the same expressive aesthetics we love her for.

Adding about 'Ain’t It A Shame', she says,

"'Ain’t it a shame' was a song I always sort of wanted to write. I was in the studio with writer/ producer Stephen Barnes. We had been particularly excited for the session, as we had known each other for years but never quite gotten in a room together. The song, as you have probably guessed from my lack of private plane, is purely conceptual. The song is about when people who had previously doubted your abilities, and or overlooked you, can come out of the woodwork later on, when they’ve realised they’ve missed the boat, or in this sassy song’s case, the yacht. Over the years, I’d made a lot of friends in the music industry, fellow artists, writers and producers. I always think about how lucky I am to be put in a room with people who all have the same obsession. It’s like summer camp on steroids. Anyways it appeared to me that everyone, all at varying stages of their careers, had someone that had let them down, or snubbed them in some regard. Someone who in principle would never get a cut of them or their art. It’s a tale as old as time, and I wanted to write about it.”

Belot also recently took to the stage as the official support act for The Aces on their UK and European tour including dates in London, Dublin, Manchester and Paris. As well as releasing her highly-acclaimed EP ‘Harmless Fun’ in 2022, she also saw out last year with a flurry of live performances, including a sold out headline show at London’s Paper Dress Vintage, support slots with Michael Aldag, Caity Baser, Dora Jar, Cate Canning, Ellie Dixon and Pip Millett, as well as festival highlight at Latitude.

Belot is a pop fanatic. She adores pop – she lives it, breathes it, and devours it whole. Well, she’d have to. Her own songwriting – deliciously infectious, hilariously engaging – is pop in its purest, most ruthlessly enjoyable sense. It’s crafted by a student of the genre, someone who wakes up in the morning with a song in her head, and won’t rest until it’s down on tape before breakfast. It’s what allowed her debut EP to become such a surprise success – and it’s what is driving her to undreamt of heights. Brought up in North London, living with her Mum and older brother, she was surrounded by music from a young age with the likes of Stevie Wonder, Ray Charles, The Beach Boys and Al Green being regularly played in the house. She’s always naturally gravitated to music, and would write songs in the bath as early as she can remember.

From hereon in, at the quietest moments of the day and night, Belot is set to be your companion, shaking up your life and providing something unique, and truly addictive.

'The Good Life' is out now.


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