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Ben Brown | Socks & Sliders

Singer-songwriter Ben Brown has released his neo-soul infused single 'Socks & Sliders'.


'Socks & Sliders' is a lyrically tongue & cheek, fun track which makes you smile, with a groovy, synthy and soulful instrumental. The soulful melodies work well with Ben's smooth vocal the jazzy chords really bring the track to life with a feel-good vibe, catchy head bopping tune and old-school disco influence.

The song consists of playful lyrics of the joy of wearing socks and sliders despite the negative public opinion and 'fashion disaster.' To further emphasize the humor and playfulness of this witty single, he includes a phone call asking a friend, 'how do you feel about people who wear socks and sliders?'

Ben Brown is a singer-songwriter from London, bleeding a variety of genres including net-soul, pop and disco to create a fresh and infectious sound featuring soulful vocals and funky guitar licks.

He has described his music as,

"'feel-good music, intended to make you swagger around the kitchen with a skip in your step!'"


Listen to 'Socks & Sliders' HERE

Instagram: @benbrown_uk. 


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