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Ben Haenow | If You're Lonely

UK based singer / songwriter Ben Haenow shot to fame on 2014's series of The X Factor where he was crowned the winner of the show. His debut single and Christmas number one single went platinum and Ben went on to release his equally huge successful single 'Second Hand Heart' featuring Kelly Clarkson.

This was followed by working with some of the biggest producers and songwriters on his first album which went on to be certified gold in the UK and several other countries and was well received by fans and music critics alike. In May 2018, Ben released his second album 'Alive' featuring 11 new tracks and showcasing his husky, rocky and soulful vocal style and proved his ability as a credible songwriter.

Ben has most recently released his new single 'If You're Lonely' to shine a light on mental health and raise money for the mental health charity 'Mind' with all proceeds donated there. He hopes the track will help people understand they're not alone when battling their inner demons and the track is an uplifting anthem for those in need of comfort.

Explaining the inspiration for ‘If You’re Lonely’, Ben Haenow said: 

“I think that admitting you have, at some point, suffered with your own mental health issues is essentially just admitting to being human. We all have stress, anxiety, negative thoughts and feel down sometimes, but there is still so much stigma attached to those words ‘mental health’. This song was initially kind of like writing a note to myself... ‘I know you’ was almost a reference to my own realisation that I knew deep down how I was feeling wasn’t the real me, and more the effects of all my own negative thoughts and experiences. But also that it can sometimes take someone who really knows you to be able to bring you back from feeling like you are alone with nowhere to turn.”

As well as comforting people, Ben is encouraging people to seek help and speak out without fear of judgement by keeping the mental health conversation going online and posting empowering messages whilst asking fans to do the same. After seeing the life changing work the charity does, he explained:

I have friends who have had experience with Mind and the help, support and counselling that they offer. I have seen how it has lifted such a weight, almost a physical weight, from them and given them not only hope for their future, but aspirations and actual happiness. That’s why I have chosen Mind as the charity I want to help support with the single.

2020 is proving to be another successful year for Ben Haenow, with sublime vocals and an exceptional flair for songwriting, he continues to prove that he's a formidable talent with a heart of gold.


Listen to the track HERE

Instagram: @benhaenow


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