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Ben Phipps | On My Own

Ben Phipps has released the fourth single from his upcoming album, 'Picking Up The Pieces', entitled 'On My Own'.


The track uses propulsive beats and a refreshing blend of playful rhythms to create a dreamy mix of positive and uplifting lo-fi house. Warm and inviting synths swirl over light electronics and a lush tropical house soundscape with delicate yet fuzzy and distorted vocals.

“The song is about trying to break free from the ideals that others set for us. It’s about getting rid of that feeling of never living up to a certain standard – of not being good enough – and going your own way instead.”

'On My Own' is just a sample of what's to come from Ben Phipps. The pandemic allowed him to work in isolation and 'Picking Up The Pieces' is the result of the time. The album is gritty and intense, yet also light and uplifting - he's captured every colour of the rainbow somewhere in there. It's true to his trademark style, but with a fresh take and a new lease on life.

'On My Own' is out now. Listen HERE @benphippsmusic


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