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Caribbean-American songwriter Benjamin Carter has released the title track from his forthcoming EP 'Black Boys on the Radio: Part I', dropping June 21st.


The song focuses on how our culture perceives black Americans outside celebrities, athletes, and musicians.

He says,

“American culture seems to praise the athlete and artist and actor who is black and in entertainment, yet many who look just like them are being stereotyped, marginalized, and face various prejudices that don’t allow them to progress as people. It's not enough to pay the actor, rapper, or athlete and say ‘look we aren’t racist’ we must each - black, white, latin, asian, etc - be vulnerable and willing to own up to our mistakes and look for ways to grow. This is why the chorus sings 'and I know if I cry it’ll make you stay, so please don't, please don’t run away.'" Benjamin Carter is a musician and entrepreneur who uses his music now to tell stories -heartache and love, addiction and gentrification, even tapping into the years of racial oppression he’s faced – in hopes of developing artists of the next generation to do the same. His desire in all his song writing is tap into his exposure of varying genres encouraging the next generation of artists and songwriters to write songs not based on genre - but based on which instruments, melodies, vocal performance techniques, sonically help to best capture the message of the song they are delivering. 'Black Boys on the Radio' is out now. Listen HERE @carterbenjamin


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