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BENJAMYN | Sea of Uncertainty

Dublin based, electronic music producer BENJAMYN is starting to make waves with his new genre of 'surf-house' and has now released his single 'Sea of Uncertainty'.


This track is one for the summer days, a chilled, electro treat with what can be described as a 'tropical' influence but an overall unique sound. The production has a lush sound to it which is rhythmic, polished and highly listenable.

It's the song that you want to listen to whilst on holiday - cocktail in hand with no worries, even though the lyrics are about a universal fear of uncertainty - something that we are all experiencing right now due to COVID-19.

It's not a feeling exclusive to recent events either, it is one that everyone experiences at different points throughout life. In his own words:

“At some stage or other, we all swim in our own sea of uncertainty.”

The instrumentation has a lush sound to it which is rhythmic, polished and highly listenable.

BENJAMYN states that,

“I want listeners not only to feel understood in this complex emotional state - but also to feel inspired to let go and live free from that fear.”

The 25 year old singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist has been performing since childhood. Over the years, he has been experimenting with a wide range of musical styles from indie rock to acoustic folk, eventually synthesising into his surf-house electronic style that he is currently producing.


Listen to 'Sea of Uncertainty' HERE Instagram: @benjamyn_music


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