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Beren Olivia | Red Ripped Sweater

Rising alt-pop artist Beren Olivia has dropped her brand new single 'Red Ripped Sweater', alongside details of her hotly anticipated debut EP titled 'In The Early Hours of The AM', due for release 20th August.


The third and final single to come ahead of the five-track record, 'Red Ripped Sweater' was produced by Dylan Bauld and is a heart-on-sleeve admission of the difficulties faced when letting someone leave your life. Boasting her incredible skill for writing universally relatable lyricism, 'Red Ripped Sweater' is a fresh pop tune with cool electro-pop beats and indie-infused instrumentation.

Both catchy and striking with confident delivery, 'Red Ripped Sweater' is a quality addition to her already impressive catalogue of irresistible tracks as she offers something distinctly unique while simultaneously delivering a commercial sound with a strong identity, ready made for radio but refusing to play by the norm.

She explains:

“After a relationship, you’re supposed to delete all the photos, block them on all social media, throw out all the things that remind you of them…but no matter what, you always end up holding onto that one thing. In this case, it was his old red vintage sweater that had a rip on the sleeve. It’s the last tangible thing I have and still holds so much meaning."

At 22 years old and in just a year of releasing music independently, Beren has surged from zero to nearly 5 million streams in just a few singles and support from the likes of BBC Radio 1, Official Charts and streaming platforms. The strength of her songwriting has seen huge success way beyond the norm and her authenticity has gained her a rally of fans. A former competitive swimmer, Beren is the same girl who was never able to go to a music festival (though intent on changing that) yet through sheer determination has found herself working with her heroes.

'Red Ripped Sweater' is out now. Listen HERE @berenolivia


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