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Beth Duck | Looks Like I Have A Life

Alt-pop novice Beth Duck has shared her debut EP titled ‘Looks Like I Have A Life.’


Exploring the relatable topic of how we let our online alter- egos define us no matter how we are really feeling on the inside; the EP is a sonic behemoth in forward- thinking pop music, and the potent synths and punchy vocals which appear throughout, are what define this artist as a newcomer worth taking note of.    The artist commented on her latest offering, saying: 

“I think it's important to be able to admit that you’re not as cool in real life as you make it seem online. The EP is named after the title track, which is all about realising that underneath all the selfies and cool outfits, you might be struggling and no-one can see that because on social media it ‘looks like I have a life’.”

Stay tuned for our Get to Know feature on this vibrant pop newcomer.


Listen to 'Looks Like I Have A Life' HERE

Instagram: @bethducky


Twitter: @ross_alister

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