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Beth Keeping | Underwater

Known for her raw, honest lyrics & infectious pop stories, Beth Keeping has released her single 'Underwater', after garnering attention from both fans and critics alike.


Both powerful and uplifting, and oozing with a cool confidence, 'Underwater' blends pop soundscapes with country storytelling whilst delivering a fresh take on life as a twenty-something. 'Underwater' sees Beth take a darker tone, lyrically touching on themes of struggle and hardship with a big, electro-pop anthemic chorus that asks a loved one to be there when life gets overwhelming and there is no quick fix.

The track was written last year following a diagnosis that left her feeling lost. Beth hopes that the track will resonate with listeners who have found the last year particularly tough.

"The song is about feeling like you’re drowning in the hard times. I hope it brings people comfort in knowing that they don’t have to feel this way alone."

'Underwater' came as Beth Keeping's third single release of 2020, following the critically acclaimed 'Cool Kids'.

'Underwater' is out now


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