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Bo Baskoro | Love You Now

Portland indie-pop artist Bo Baskoro has released his single 'Love You Now'.


'Love You Now' is an intoxicating indie pop track with alluring vocals that invite you in and make you want to stay. The cleverly written lyrics are accompanied by catchy beats, bright synths and an overall infectious sound. It's the soundtrack to late nights and summer road trips - indulgent and warm with a dreamy, but upbeat energy and soaring production.

Bo says on the track,

“'Love You Now' is about the one who got away and about those nights that you can't fall asleep because you're kept awake by the thoughts of how you would've done things differently and finally being honest with yourself and your responsibility in the end, Knowing that if you had the chance to reconcile you would do it all right this time."

Bo is constantly trying to push the envelope in himself and his signature sound. Whilst spending time in LA, he was mentored by artists like Denny White and Aaron Andersen, gaining valuable experience and an insight into the business and bringing it back to the Pacific Northwest.


Listen to 'Love You Now' HERE Instagram: @bobaskoro

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