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Swedish up and coming pop artist BoBo has dropped his brand new song new song 'Colour TV', the first taste of his EP due for release in September.


A hyper modern splash of neon colors, that mixes hooks with a classic 80’s tinged pop hit, 'Color TV' is reminiscent of Major Lazer's 'Lean On' mixed with a nostalgic pop style not miles away from the mighty Prince. He displays a new playful side as a new chapter in his career, targeting a global market by switching from Swedish to English and embracing new feelings within his writing.

He says:

"The whole idea of the song came up when I was playing around with a few samples. I had this line in my head ”it’s like I never seen color TV. And then when I got into the process of working on the song I googled when the first color TV was released, which was 1953. I thought that the rhyme of TV and fifty-three sounded cool and so I made up the story: I’m stuck in a 1953 ”colorless and gray” mindset, a time that I don’t belong to, until this one person comes into your life, drags you out of it and sets a big color palette on your life.”

BoBo is a completely self-made independent artist. He releases music through his own label hemuen and handles each step of every song on his upcoming EP. Possessing skills such as, vocal performance, music production, arranging, mix, mastering and songwriting as a result of a five year academic music education. Between 2020-21, he released seven singles and two music videos in collaboration with other producers and performers. In parallel during these years, he finished a pop music degree in London at BIMM followed by a master’s degree in music production at the prestigious Royal college of Music in Stockholm. Now he’s back with a new and fresh pop sound.

'Color TV' is out now. Listen HERE @i.am_bobo_


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