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.boy | Wolves / Arrival

Indie / bedroom pop duo .boy have released their 2 track EP 'Wolves / Arrival'. via are you out there?


Formed out of a dream and a laptop, .boy only recently released their debut single in October of last year. They've since gone on to release their debut EP 'August', and now return with their 2-track offering. Whimsical and catchy synth hooks meet sub bass booms and indie vocals greet you with warmth in their unique and stand out sound. This new release bursts with nosalgia and cinematic touches with clever production which fuses orchestral elements, electro-pop tendancies and captivating but unconventional melodies.

.boy is an amalgamation of optimism and hope despite darkness in this world, a gentle reminder that we can still shoot for the stars (and make it). Mixing elements of indie rock trailblazers like The National and Coldplay with the futurism of instrumental-electronica and hyperpop, .boy design their own rich sound with layered, atmospheric soundscapes, pop-hooks, and self-reflective lyrics.

With a shared affinity for The 1975 and Enya and the belief that weird = good, these two fast friends shared their demos with one another and were shocked at how their musical sensibilities aligned.

'Wolves / Arrival' is out now.

Listen HERE


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