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Brad Byrd | Love You Bad

Brad Byrd has released his single 'Love You Bad', which is also the first of new music from him since his debut EP 'Silhouettes' which was released in 2017.


This high energy track is a heartfelt rock anthem with strong vocals and awesome guitar riffs. It has a powerful sound which is reminiscent of the 80's classics, as well as 00's indie rock, and the guitar solo is just fantastic.

The lyrics tell the story of a guy in love with a girl who wants to treat her better than what she's getting. Brad says,

"What's funny is that even though I didn't write this song about anyone in particular, I ended up living this song a year later. Some argue if life imitates art, or if art imitates life. While I don't have the answer to that question, in this case, I wrote a song that I'd never lived in and it ended up coming to pass."

'Love You Bad' was one of the first songs that was tracked live with Brad & his band in the studio, and is a confident step forward for him.


Listen to 'Love You Bad' HERE Instagram: @bradbyrdmusic


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