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Acclaimed singer/songwriter briskin follows up on his recently released 'Circus' EP with a brand new track, ‘Rhythm’, out now on PMR Records.


Perfect for the late bloom of summer sun, ‘Rhythm’ is an energetic mix of R&B, hyper-pop and dance that finds briskin musing on unrequited love over gorgeous melodies and hazy production.

He explains,

“’Rhythm’ is a song we wrote over zoom about wanting someone who doesn’t give anyone the time of day but in a tongue in cheek/playful way. I think though this one is about the vibe more than anything, it’s feels more like painting a picture and scene setting than narrative to me. I wanted it to feel like something you might hear on a night out and I tried to put an emphasis on it being immediate and explosive."

‘Rhythm’ comes hot on the heels of his recent ‘The Circus’ EP. Released in June this year, it is a bold artistic statement that plays with form, narrative and different musical styles to create something totally unique. Composed of 9 tracks, the first 8 follow a loose narrative structure that briskin has created, partially inspired by his own life experiences, and partially by the 19th century Italian Opera, ‘Pagliacci’. Born in North London, briskin first began learning piano at age 8 and quickly established himself as something of a musical polymath. Inspired by his obsession with Frank Ocean, The Beach Boys, and his dad’s love of the Beatles he started crafting his own sound while still a teenager and has been working on his complex mix of pop, hip hop RNB and electronica ever since. In 2020 he dropped his debut mixtape, ‘Forever was a Feeling’, which was produced by mentor and ex-Klaxon Jamie Reynolds. If that release marked a full stop at the end of his teenage apprenticeship, then ‘The Circus’ is him fully setting out for himself, producing more and defining his musical direction. And along with his new sense of musical individuality has come a new name, as he decided to shorten to briskin after releasing music previously under his full name, Daniel Briskin. Live, briskin has brought his easy charisma to new audiences, supporting the likes of Nessa Barrett, and in July he performed his debut headline show at Dalston’s Folklore.

'Rhythm' is out now.

Listen HERE @briskin


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