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BRKLYN deliver a rinse and repeat summer banger 'Shuffle' with melodic house-leaning energy, showcasing a bouncy upbeat bassline and catchy vocal hook.


Effortlessly combining infectious beats of house music with a harmonious infusion of a multitube of genres including pop, techno and funk, listeners can prepare to be captivated by the aptly titled track. 'Shuffle' is designed to keep audiences on their feet as it waves rhythmic grooves and enchanting percussion into an irresistible feel-good experience.

The production style is a complete testament to the skill of BRKLYN as an artist and features intricate synth work, masterfully crafted melodies and exhilarating drops that ensure its suitability for the late nice clubs as well as the radio airwaves. Get ready to embrace the undeniable energy and universal appeal of 'Shuffle.

BRKLYN is a DJ / Producer duo consisting of Cody Nadeau and Cameron Trowbridge, renowned for their unique and transformative sound that blends elements of emo, dance, EDM, and synth. Drawing influences from the likes of Bon Iver and John Mayer, their music caters to a diverse audience, leaving electronic voices echoing in listeners’ minds. Originally from rival bands during their school days, they have now united their talents to headline some of America’s hottest nightclubs while being supported by some of the biggest and best musicians in the electronic music scene.

With a charismatic and kooky persona, BRKLYN is deeply inspired by their experiences on the road and holds a profound affection for their dedicated fanbase. Their music is a testimony to the power of love for their craft and a passionate connection with their listeners.

'Shuffle' is out now. Listen HERE @brklynmusic


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