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South African born, London based singer, songwriter and producer Burlington has shared his latest single 'Summer's Calling'.


Burlington's distinctive vocals glide in effortless fashion across the track, creating a gorgeous dream-like indie pop soundscape which is both infectious and captivating. The clever use of synths paired with a nostalgic feeling of summer brings the heat and radiating energy to listeners, no matter whether sunshine, rain or snow.

Talking about the track Burlington says,

“In this song I draw a few comparisons with summer to life, in particular to mine. During summer everyone loves to get out and do things, explore nature and enjoy the warm sunshine. I take that idea and try to use it in other life decisions, why wait to pursue that dream or idea? When it’s summer time we don’t really think twice about getting outdoors so that’s how I feel some decisions should be made, not with too much pressure or thought on them, just get out and do it. I also hope it gets everyone who is in the winter season wherever they are excited for summer!”

Burlington is that Sunday cruising, chill in the park and feel good type of musician. As a singer, songwriter and producer Burlington explores the sound of life, aiming to create songs that get your soul feeling good. This being his second musical presence, Burlington decided to shift over into indie-pop after realizing that he did not have to be attached to one single sound. This genre allows him to explore his more acoustic and alternative sound whilst his alter ego 'Matt' allows him the freedom to create that ever loved house music.

As a part time musician, Burlington says his day jobs feed his stomach, but his music feeds his soul.

'Summer's Calling' is out now. Listen HERE @its_burlington


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