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Carey Clayton | By Another Hand

Carey Clayton has released his easy listening track 'By Another Hand'.


This track is mellow and super melodic with funky, yet somewhat warm vocal production. The sensitivity of the track is what makes it stand out with lush synths and intricate instrumentation, sitting in the middle of indie and lo-fi pop - a perfect fusion of the two.

Carey says the track is,

"An afternoon watching the clouds, daydreaming of what the world could be. Letting the answers unfold rather than forcing them. Realising some things move by another hand".

Carey Clayton is carving a unique space in modern music. As an introspective and poised songwriter, he draws his inspiration from the likes of Bon Iver, Radiohead, and Biblio -- and you can feel it.


Listen to 'By Another Hand' HERE Instagram: @careyclayton


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