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Cassia have collaborated with their indie-pop contemporaries, Kawala, for their new tune ‘Circular Motion’. The new track is the fourth piece of Cassia’s eclectic new puzzle and a key element of their upcoming EP which promises to be a sonic collage of their recent expeditions to new writing locations and experiences with new collaborators.


Titled ‘Home Soon...’, the EP artwork is based upon an everyday fridge that you would find in a busy kitchen, covered in magnets, postcards, pictures and anything fun collected over time giving insight into the bands touring life, travels and where the EP songs were written.

Cassia and Kawala’s collaboration came about after the two bands met at Barn on the Farm last summer, and a couple pints in, the bromance started to blossom. A writing session later, the resulting track is everything you’d come to expect from two of the UK’s most feel-good bands - rhythmic and understated with bright toplines and harmonies, working together in synergy for a track that is an instant classic.

Effortlessly bouncy and capturing joy in its purest form, plucky guitar melodies, playful drum grooves and nifty bass-lines all feed into the blissful charm. The two band’s blend their sound with ease, with each new breezy melody feeling even more optimistic than the last. Rich, sunny soundscapes bring you out of the autumn gloom within moments, and leave your world a little brighter.

Cassia are in the midst of an exciting new wave, capturing the imagination of their fans more than ever before and receiving ample praise for their versatility as musicians and distinctly global sound. The Macclesfield band’s recent singles ‘High Tones’, ‘whatstheuse’ and ‘Find My Way Around’, have shown Cassia’s introspections as they reflect on their journey so far, as well as bringing striking, storybook-esque new visuals into their world.

'Circular Motion' is out now.


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