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CatchTwentyTwo | Caught in the Moments EP

Singer, songwriter and producer CatchyTwentyTwo has released his debut EP 'Caught in the Moments' featuring 4 tracks and completely self recorded, produced and engineered at home.


The opening track 'won't wait anymore', represents time, not waiting for anyone. He put this song in a different perspective to his audience, using different scenery.

"I used the dx7 in this song and throughout the ep to give it a vintage, colorful feeling."

The second song symbolizes him getting older, realizing how some things work after becoming 21. He made the beat on his birthday and really wanted to incorporate it in the compilation. Starting off strong with the kick and snare in your face, and lush vocals with a vintage-esque plate.

The last but not least song, ending in a calm manner, with personal sounding dx7 keys and synth in the background, this song is simply about serenity, caring. this song means alot to hmi because it reminds him of a real situation with someone he knows,

"I will always have love for them even if things dont work out, because of everything they do for me, from the small things like making sure im hungry and holding me, feeling serenity."

He says:

"my first body of work, trying to take people back to the past with the sounds, away from the current bad times, i hope you enjoy"

"i made this ep in a month, learning and pacing myself, making the beats in a certain amount of time, recording myself and engineering myself, usually i release a song a month but i wanted to knock out songs and then choose, these fit like a story and im excited to tell it"

A singer, song writer, and producer from Broward County, Florida. CatchTwentyTwo breaks away from the accustomed routine of music of today's times, and instead chooses to focus on what matters most, the expression of emotion in its authentic form. Often soft-spoken and invariably sullen in his vocal style, the pop artist delves into deeper themes of romance, confusion, and anger. His personal influences range from Michael Jackson, The Weeknd, Daft Punk, The Neighbourhood, Bruno Mars, Toro y Moi, Rick James, among others.

Each hook, each rhyme is deeply entrenched in conveying the most intimate moments of the human experience. CatchTwentyTwo started getting interest in music after stumbling across Michael Jackson while young, he then started taking choir classes throughout middle school and highscool. There he would take what he could learn from the piano/keys used by instructors to use in his own production.


Listen to the EP HERE Instagram: @catchmerighthere

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